Have you ever met that one person with whom you have instant chemistry and you just click?

Or had that moment where you looked into their eyes and knew this was a lasting relationship?

Or spent hours chatting only to discover that you both happened to have been in the same place at the same time over a decade earlier?

We have!

Hey, we’re S and R, and we met the day our parents got engaged.

We’re not sisters by blood, but we’re sisters by heart!

We know what you thought… you thought we’d be a couple. That we’d say we finally found our long lost soulmates after years of searching and that we’re here to share our love story.

But we’re not.

We’re just two single chicks who were overtired one night, had too much to drink, and decided to start a blog, because we’re sick and tired of “the look.” You know what we mean: the size two, objectively gorgeous, in the box kinda look.

It’s not that we’re against “the look.”

We just think it’s high time someone promote “the other look.”

We’re that someone.

This blog is an attempt to offer support and build a community for those of us who are dealing with the shenanigans of the shidduch system and are graciously putting up with all the “why aren’t you marrieds?,” “I’d set you up ifs…” and “im yirtzeh Hashem by yous.”

This is a platform for all of us to share our insights, thoughts, and stories. We want all of our experiences to serve as a guide for others so they can effectively help us along this process.

In short, we want to champion the collective single voice.

(And if you ask us what that means, we’ll get back to you. Remember, we started this overtired and drunk.)

So, if you feel like you define yourself by “the other look,” welcome to the club!

S & R